A Little Story

As a middle school kid, I started out with no idea I would ever be starting a business. Until one day there was an opportunity for me to join the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA.) Suddenly there was a chance to actually build a solid business with the help of mentors! This immediately sparked my interest, and I applied to the program.
In a brief interview, my passion and determination worked their magic.  The opportunity to begin a business became a reality. I was accepted. 
Thus began my interest to build a business of my own and to journey along that learning path. I began YEA without any idea of what my business was going to be. After some time and brainstorming, I ultimately figured it out. 
At that time I was becoming increasingly aware of our world’s numerous environmental problems. One of those major problems can be explained in one word, plastic. I would read articles everywhere about pollution and it disturbed me. I was brought up in a family that always believed in taking care of the environment, doing our part, staying healthy. One thing we did was cut out all of the unnecessary plastic and things that pollute the environment. Whenever we went out shopping we never used plastic bags, always reusable. Primarily we used jute bags, and that was how it all started. I was then motivated to build a business that could sell stylish awesome bags, helping the environment. Could it perhaps even pay for my college? What could be better? 
But I was still far from being finished. 
Time has passed. I am entering college and I decided it was time to revamp my website, change-up my model a little bit, and acquire more knowledge than I ever could as a middle school kid. 
Join me in my mission to render all plastic shopping bags useless! Help your earth while helping a college student! 
And for the world’s and your own sake, treat yourself to the best bag in the world. Everyone deserves it! 
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Go Brute Jute!

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