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The eco-friendly, multi-purpose bags made from Jute that you need. Together we can keep our planet green. Use Brute Jute!

Why Brute Jute?

A Brute Jute bag is your ultimate grocery shopping bag! Long wooden handles provide a far more comfortable grip than conventional shopping bags. Carry up to 50% more capacity than a typical plastic or paper bag. Easily rolled-up and neatly stored in your car between shopping trips.

  • Stop Pollution – Save our Planet & Stop Plastic Waste!
  • Cost Effectiveness – Save Money! No longer pay for paper or plastic!
  • Eco-Friendly. 100 % Biodegradable Material


Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide

That’s over one million plastic bags used per minute and roughly 80 percent of those bags were used in North America and Western Europe.

Take a more eco-friendly approach and use BRUTE JUTE.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Please don’t put your Brute Jute bag in the washing machine or submerge in water! Brute Jute bags only require an easy spray and wipe down with a cloth or paper towel.

Don’t worry, jute has the tendency to be quite firm. Simply put items in the bag to help it stretch it out and stand up straight and allow some time for it to break in.