About Us

We make best ecofriendly, quality tote bags.

Back in 2014, my idea to start Brute Jute happened after I went on many grocery shopping trips using plastic, paper, or reusable bags. I found plastic to be the worst of all. Ever walked out with a plastic bag full of groceries only for it to break and spill all your groceries out in the parking lot? Yep, that happened. 

Not only were they unreliable, but also bad for the environment.  At the same time, I was doing extensive research related to my school projects on how plastic pollution is destroying our earth. 

That’s when I decided to do something about it and start Brute Jute. 

I believe that helping to keep our environment healthy is important. My vision with Brute Jute is to reduce plastic waste on our earth by providing you with eco-friendly, high quality, multi-purpose, stylish bags. Brute Jute’s mission is to reduce plastic waste, one bag at a time. 

How can you help? The answer is simple. Be the change right now by forever ditching your plastic bags and buying yourself a Brute Jute bag.