Meet The Founder

PastedGraphic-17The company’s founder and CEO, Alexander Erling, has artistic skills in creating designs and will continually refine the designs for the jute bags. He enjoys using organic, eco-friendly products. He decided to launch this business as a 7th grader when he noticed that stores didn’t carry quality jute bags.

The synthetic as well as plain cloth bags are not as eco-friendly, attractive or as effective as Brute Jute™ bags.

When using the prototype Brute Jute™ bag in grocery stores, shoppers and cashiers regularly commented and admired the unique design of the jute bag. Alexander Erling’s passion for quality and organic products is now channeled into growing his business, making available this unique Brute Jute™ product for the masses to satisfy their craving for this attractive bag.



I’ve been grocery shopping with my family as early as I can remember. Helping select grocery items and putting them on the check stand has long been one of my duties. At home I always participated in the unloading of the grocery bags. In my frustration of dealing with the accumulation and waste of so much paper and plastic bags I began my quest for a superior choice. As I developed the Brute Jute™ bag, I immediately recognized that groceries packed much more efficiently and waste was entirely eliminated. As I learned about the global pollution problems in school, I was inspired to do what I could to help keep the earth green. We can all help from an early age to eliminate waste using Brute Jute™ bags for all your needs.



Ashalata Prasad: Brute Jute Product Consultant and Graphic Design

Ashalata brings diversified, international experience to Brute Jute LLC. Asha spent three years providing cultural education and training to international students and expats in rural India.

During those years she discovered an untapped global market for sustainable, eco-friendly products. She works toward her vision of bridging the gap for those with skills who currently work without adequate financial compensation.

Her vision is to bring products from these small businesses into a rapidly expanding global market.

Marshall Erling: Brute Jute LLC partner, CFO, Strategic and Technical Consultant

Marshall incorporates professional experience, encompassing over 20 years in the field of technology, most recently IT Security. Brute Jute LLC is his foray into the world of online business and entrepreneurial ventures with his son, Alexander Erling.